Price List

The following list shows the current cost of the most common items on our price list. All these figures include VAT at the current rate of 20%.
For clients on income support type benefits etc, we offer around a 5% discount on the fees below.

First Consultation
From £26.50
Pet Microchipping
Nail Clipping
£9.00 – £10.20
Small Pet Consultation
From £16.50
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Dog & Puppy
Puppy Vaccinations
£70.00 for course of 2 injections*
Adult Booster Vaccination
Kennel Cough Vaccination
Bitch Spay Operation
£190.00 – £350.00
Dog Castration Operation
£140.00 – £220.00
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Cat & Kitten
Kitten Vaccinations
From £70.00 for course of 2 injections
Adult Booster Vaccinations
From £35.00*
Cat Spay Operation
£90.00 – £130.00
Cat Castration Operation
£50.00 – £70.00
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Combined Myxomatosis/VHD Injection
Spay Operation
From £110.00
Castration Operation
From £80.00
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* For puppies and kittens, we have packages available which covers vaccination, chipping, insurance etc. at a discounted rate. Contact us for more details.

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